Huashan Rd Old House, #2342

Huashan Rd Changning Shanghai Rmb128K/Month

Purpose: Rent
Property or Service Type: Residential
Sub-Property Type: Old House
Country: China
China Provinces: Shanghai
Areas of Shanghai: Former French Concession
City: Shanghai
Rent/Lease Term: Long Term
Size range: 301-400sqm
Rooms: 5
Price: Rmb128K/Month
Rent price: Rmb128K/Month
Currency: CNY


Location: Lies in Huashan Rd closes to Hunan Rd, Wukang Rd, Huaihai Middle Rd, Consulate areas 

Features: It is Garden House 

Size: 400 Sqm

Rental: Rmb128K/ Month

Suitable For office/ Private club

Cant get business license 

Contact: Matthias D

Wechat: caina787 

MP: 13681628171

Email: [email protected]

Energy efficient

Not subject Energy Performance European

Not subject Gas European

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