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Available Date: 29/12/2019
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1. 居留在摩纳哥的财务收入证明文件;

2. 购买或租赁摩纳哥不动产的买卖合同或租赁合同;

3. 您签章的一份关于不在摩纳哥公国境内进行职业性活动的证明文件;


所需文件列表:(英语. 法语)






四. 摩纳哥移民续签

1. 摩纳哥基本居留许可证的有效期是一年,有效期过后需要对其进行续签。

2. 摩纳哥普通居留许可证的有效期是三年,该许可证发放给在摩纳哥已经生活了三年以上的外国公民。

3. 摩纳哥特许永久居民证的有效期十年,该许可证发放给在摩纳哥已经生活了十年以上的外国公民。


五. 摩纳哥入籍获得公民身份

1. 在摩纳哥入籍事宜由摩纳哥王子进行全权负责,任何个人在年满18岁之后在摩纳哥居住十年以上,即有权向摩纳哥王子申请入籍并获得摩纳哥公民身份。如果申请人满足以下两个条件,入籍申请即会被批准并公布:

1.1. 在原籍国已经被免除兵役义务;

1.2. 已经声明放弃原国籍。


We pride ourselves in matching our high standards of service with that of confidentiality. Our industry-leading standards ensure that your documents and files are handled with the utmost care and respect for privacy. We take this matter seriously and will always strive to maintain the highest standards that have made us the premium immigration services.

 We rely mainly on the immigration laws of the Principality of Monaco  and are currently handling two (2) successful immigration programs:

  1. A Residence Permit in Monaco for financially independent applicants and pensioners;
  2. A Business Immigration Option for Entrepreneurs.

Foreigners (except for citizens of France), who express a desire to live in Monaco and obtain a residence permit must receive an immigration visa, which entitles them to a Monaco residence card (carte de séjour).


If you intend to reside in Monaco, To obtain a residence permit in Monaco through this program, you will need:

  1. A documented financial income to reside in Monaco.
  2. A lease or document of purchase Monegasque real estate.
  3. A signed document stating that you undertake not to perform professional activities in the Principality of Monaco. 

Basic list of required documents: 

  1. Application forms and photos, 
  2. Valid passport, 
  3. Sworn statement duly endorsed of non-bankruptcy and of non-conviction in the last 10 years in all countries where the applicant has lived, 
  4. Business registration documents, work letter, 
  5. Bank certificate and statement from a country of your citizenship, 
  6. Certificate from your bank |(Monaco) manager attesting that you possess sufficient financial means to live without working in Monaco, 
  7. Property ownership documents or lease of renting, 
  8. Police certificate, Medical insurance, 
  9. Children’s birth certificate, 
  10. Parental authorization if one of parent is not travelling, 
  11. A letter attesting enrollment in a school in Monaco.   

Processing times of residence permit in Monaco takes three to five (3-5) weeks on average.


We also assist clients in the registration of companies or in the acquisition of an existing BUSINESS In Monaco. To obtain a RESIDENCE PERMIT  in Monaco with the right to work, you must register your company and acquire registered documentation attesting to the fact. In Monaco there are several different forms of commercial companies. 

However, we almost exclusively deal with SARLs or SAMs. Although these are the most common and usually the most advantageous types of companies, we have significant experience with others as well.


Retired individuals who would like to relocate in Monaco and not to perform any professional acitivies, may be aligible to apply for a Monaco visa if he meets the following criterias: 

  1. A proof of pension and have sufficient financial income to reside in Monaco,
  2. A property ownership deed or a lease contract in Monaco.


  1. Basic residence permit is valid for a period of one (1) year, then must be renewed,
  2. Monaco resident card – most commonly referred to as Ordinaire – is valid for three (3) years and is issued to a foreigner that has lived in Monaco for at least three (3) years,
  3. Permanent residence card – most commonly referred to as Privilégié – is valid for ten (10) years and is issued to a foreigner that has lived in Monaco for minimum of ten (10) years. It should be noted that after this time, it is possible to apply for Monegasque citizenship.


Any person who has been resident in Monaco for at least ten (10) years after reaching the age of 18 years old, may apply to the Sovereign Prince for naturalization as a CITIZEN of Monaco. Naturalization is at the discretion of the Sovereign Prince. If the applicant satisfies the following two conditions, the naturalization process can be signed and published:

  1. Has been exempt from military service obligations in the country of origin,
  2. Has renounced on its previous nationality. 

Any person born in Monaco or abroad of a Monegasque father or/and mother is considered to hold full Monegasque nationality. A foreigner can acquire Monegasque citizenship after by declaration ten (10) years after date of the marriage if: 

  1. At the time of the application, they continue reside together, 
  2. The Monegasque spouse retains his/her Monegasque nationality.


The lack of income tax dates back to an Ordinance by Prince Charles III in 1869. Taxation in Monaco is one of the benefits available to investors and wealthy individuals all over the world. In Monaco there is no wealth tax, annual property tax and council tax. 

Monegasque nationals and foreign residents in the Principality (except French citizens) are not liable for income tax.  

TAX ON INHERITANCE AND GIFTS applies to assets that are located in the Principality of Monaco, regardless of the domicile, residence or nationality of the deceased person or donor.

The rate of taxation is 33.33 %, while capital gains from asset sales as part of business activities may, under certain conditions, be exempt if they are re-invested in the firm.

Firms created in the Principality and falling within the scope of corporate income tax that carry on a genuinely new business are exempt from tax for a period of two years and subsequently benefit from a favorable regime for the three following years, namely:

  1. First & second year: no corporate income tax,
  2. Third year: the tax is calculated on 25 % of profit,
  3. Fourth year: the tax is calculated on 50 % of profit,
  4. Fifth year: the tax is calculated on 75 % of profit,
  5. Sixth year: the tax is calculated on 100 % of profit.

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