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Sale price: EURO15,500,000


Located in the Oriental area of Lisbon, the Xabregas Palace belonged to one of the most noble families in Portugal for five centuries.

Its construction started in the XVI century by demand of its first owner, Sir Tristão Cunha, and is nowadays the biggest Palace of Lisbon.

After the death of King D. Manuel I, the Queen D. Leonor and the princess D. Isabel left the royal Palace to live in this incredible Palace.

In the beginning of the XVIII century great works were executed on the Palace and as this property survived the severe earthquake of 1755 all of those artistic and architectural works were preserved until today.

The best artists of the time were hired to perform various works such as azulejos (tiles), frescos and works of masonry. Most of the frescos were recently restored.

The azulejos (artistic tiles) in this Palace are considered to be the largest and best private collection of Portugal. They decorate the rooms, but there is one particular piece of azulejos of singular beauty, the one in the room of “the Conjured”.



Property :  PALACE LISBON  里斯本宫殿 historica building 历史建筑

Floors: 1-4 floors

Freehold 永久产权

Land size: 5432 sqm 占地5432 平方米

Intenal size: 1635 sqm 室内面积1635 平方米

Build year: XVI 建于16世纪

Sale price: EURO 15,500,000  1550万欧元

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