Alcantara Lisbon Portugal EURO350,000 UP

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Property or Service Type:   Visa & Immigration  
Country:   Portugal  
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Sale price: EURO350,000 UP


Golden Visa Portugal 葡萄牙黄金签证

The Golden Visa Programme in Portugal has proven to be the most popular scheme in Europe with Investors attracted to its ease and flexibility to obtain along with all the benefits it provides.

The visa programme was launched in 2012 and has been promoted by the government as an investment in real estate, there are several ways to obtain the visa with the most popular being an investment of 500,000 in to a freehold property in Portugal, there is a reduced version of this at 350,000 however there are certain criteria that must be met.

The visa allows you and your dependent family (Children & Parents) to gain a residency permit in Portugal for 12 months and is then renewed on a 2 yearly cycle, to qualify for renewal you simply have to spend a minimum of 7 days in Portugal per year. This visa will allow you to travel freely across Europe within the Schengen Zone.

The most attractive part of the visa is that after 5 years of title you can then apply for permanent residency within Portugal and after 6 years you can apply for citizenship, the basic requirements to qualify is the initial investment, a clean criminal record and the ability to spend a minimum of 7 days in Portugal each year, without the need to reside in Portugal this visa has become the most attractive and popular option across Europe.

Once residency has been granted you will have the right to live, work and study anywhere within the European Union, once citizenship has been granted you will become a European citizen and will have the same rights of anyone in Portugal.

  • Investment of 500,00€ or 350,000€ (reduced option)
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • No Requirement to Reside in Portugal
  • Permanent Residency after 5 Years for the whole family
  • Citizenship after 6 Years
  • EU Schengen Visa to travel freely from the beginning
  • Dependent Children & Parents all on 1 application


葡萄牙于2012年8月9日正式通过了“黄金居留证计划” 即29/2012号法案。明确了欧盟以外第三国公民在葡萄牙购买价值不少于50万欧元的不动产后, 申请葡萄牙居留签证,达到相关要求后可申请国籍。






  • 申请人首次获发1年居留签证,1年以后申请需要续签,获得2年的居留签证,此两年期满后,再续签2年。(简称1+2+2);
  • 申请人必须持有所购房产至少5年,并满足以下条件:第一年在葡萄牙居住至少7天,此后每两年居住至少14天;如此5年后可申请永久居留,获得永居后可随意处置所投资房产;
  • 四、入籍条件:

















    5- 享受免费公立医疗


    7-我们提供葡萄牙考察,从上海、北京出发, 行程7天5晚。

  • 出售物业: 位于Lisbon里斯本市中心翻新公寓

  • 物业位置:靠近sao perdo de Alcantara 

  • 房型:2/2/1 , 面积: 65平方米

  • 售价: 41万欧元

    Description:Amazing luxurious apartment at the heart of Lisbon.

    This two bedroom apartment was recently refurbished and its brand new features make it unique. It has wooden flooring and an open kitchen that makes the living room very spacious. The tiles fitted in the kitchen wall gives it a very traditional Portuguese styling and the modern furniture gives also a modern touch to the apartment.

    The bedrooms are also very trendy and one of the walls has a great pattern that makes it very stylish. The apartment is key ready and the renting area is perfect for a great income.

    The flat is located at the city center and 4 minutes walking from the São Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint. Tourism is boiling in that area. 

  • 联系Maryanne May
  • 电话: 13621601876
  • wechat: 2441813559

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